A great yet simple exercise that’s good for all levels is hill sprints.

I remember when I first started training in mixed martial arts, I asked my coach Yuji Hoshino for a good strength and conditioning workout that I could do on my own. I wanted a functional exercise that could be done without any equipment.

He said, “Mark, find a hill and sprint up it 10 times.”

Simple enough right? So here’s the workout…

I would advise you find a hill that’s pretty steep and about 50 – 100 meters in length. You’re going to be sprinting up this hill 10 times.

For the first sprint, go a little slowly just so you don’t pull a muscle or anything. Now for runs 2 – 10, go as hard as you can.

For every single sprint, once you get to the top of the hill, immediately walk down. This walk interval from the top to bottom is your break. Once you get to the bottom, to the starting line, immediately sprint up again.

The whole workout takes about 20 – 30 minutes. For a more advanced workout, try 15 sprints (not 10), or try jogging down instead of walking down after every sprint.

If you want to get a little more Rambo, try doing 10-15 pushups each time at the top of the hill. Instead of pushups, you could do situps or even shadowbox. Get creative! If you’re in an urban area, don’t forget to watch out for cars.

Good luck! (;

Hill Sprints

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