Summer is not over yet! There’s still time to hit the beach…and there’s no muscle that screams “beach” like the biceps. Called “21s”, this is an easy workout for bigger biceps. It doesn’t take long either, which is perfect for when you get invited to that beach party on short notice. I recommend “21s” as a non-professional athlete and as someone who sometimes gets lazy about working out, unlike my younger brother Mark

Let’s Get Started

For this easy bigger bicep workout, you’ll need a straight bar, dumbbells, or my favorite…the curl bar (aka EZ-Bar). The curl bar allows for easier bicep curls, as you can turn your wrists inwards more easily.

Easy Workout for Bigger Biceps, 21s - Begin!

Why so serious? Because biceps.

Use an amount of weight you’ll feel comfortable with. Girls or guys, anywhere from 1.5 kilos to 7.5 kilos on each side (not including the bars) is usually good.

Now you’re going to be doing 7 reps, 7 reps again, and another 7 reps, as part of 1 set. Hence the name, 21s (7 x 3)!

First Curls

For the first 7 reps, do bicep curls but stop halfway, so that your elbows are bent at about 90 degrees, or like you’re holding a tray of beers at the beach. 

Easy Workout for Bigger Biceps, 21s - First Curls

Second Curls

For the next 7 reps, do full bicep curls – bringing your wrists and arms all all the way up and close to your chin. Don’t forget to keep your back straight, which better isolates the biceps. If you’re having to swing your body a lot, the weight might be too heavy.Easy Workout for Bigger Biceps, 21s - Second Curls

Last Curls

For the last 7 reps, start with your elbows at 90 degrees, already holding the weights at chest level. Curl the weights up to your chin again, and then bring them down to the original 90 degree position each time. This is great for the last set, for that final burn.

Easy Workout for Bigger Biceps, 21s - Last Curls

You’ve just completed 1 set!

For the next set, repeat the above – but this time do 6 reps for each of the 3 bicep curls.

The last set can be 5 reps for each of the 3 bicep curls.

Feel free though to change the number of reps. You can start with 8 reps, do 7 for the next set, and end with 6. Or just stick with 7 reps all the way through. Make note of the weight you’re using and what’s optimal for getting that good burn in. More reps with a lighter weight will provide more definition and less reps with a heavier weight will provide more mass. 

Easy Workout for Bigger Biceps, 21s - Hello There

Why, Hello. I didn’t see you there…

Wasn’t that bicep workout easy? After you’re all done, make plans for the beach or book a tropical vacation with someone you want to impress!

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