Crossfit in the last few years has gripped the world. Crossfit is a form of exercise that encompasses a general physical preparedness that includes power lifting, gymnastics, and endurance.

Although it may sound and seem intimidating, it is universally scalable in a sense that everyone and anyone can do it. One of the most popular benchmark workouts in the Crossfit world is called "Fran". It's a high intensity workout that includes a power lift and gymnastic movement. Let's just say it's an aerobic butt kicker.

The structure of Crossfit Workout “Fran” is as follows: 21 reps-15 reps-9 reps of standard Thrusters at 95lbs and then Pull ups. This rep scheme is your rounds and reps, so 21 thrusters, 21 pull ups and so forth.


  1. Place a barbell on your shoulders as you would to begin a front squat making sure that your feet are placed under your hips with toes straight and that elbows are parallel to the floor.
  2. Now while remaining upright, you will need to go into the squat and get your butt below parallel.
  3. Once you hit the bottom of the squat, push the knees out and drive through the heels and engage into a barbell press overhead in one fluid motion.
    Scaling methods are to use dumbbells instead of the barbell.

Crossfit Workout Fran ThrustersPULLUPS

  1. Start by hanging on the pull up bar with arms fully extended and ears past your arms. Make sure you squeeze your shoulders to your ears to stay in an active shoulder position.
  2. Engage your core and Lats to initiate the pull. The chin must be above the bar.

Scaling: Pull ups isn’t the easiest movement so to scale, you can stand on top of a box under the pull up bar in a dead hanging position. Then assist yourself by jumping and pulling yourself above the bar.

Crossfit Workout Fran Pullups

This workout is short, intense, and will definitely wake all your muscles up since it is a full body workout.

The workout should not exceed 10 minutes…so scale as necessary. Have fun!

Freestyle wrestling champion Shu shows us some bridging exercises that are great for mobility, here: Article Link

Very useful if you’re sitting at a desk all day!

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