Restaurants “Canto’ and “Rancho Norte” are both part of the Ketchup Community in Baguio, a group of cozy outdoor restaurants.

Putting the ketchup in the Ketchup Community, Canto fare includes burgers, chili, and ribs.

I like almost everything on their menu but I think their ribs are the pound-for-pound champ. It may sound clichéd, but the meat really does fall off the bone, being super tender and juicy. They definitely have Baguio’s best ribs.

The ribs come with 2 simple but wholesome sides – mashed potatoes and a sweet cheese salad.

Hold on to something to brace yourself and have a look.

Baguio's Best Ribs - Baguio's Finest

One of the great things about the Ketchup Community is that you can order from any of the restaurants, no matter where you’re sitting.

Now if you’re in a daring mood, I would also recommend trying the horse meat, which is served at “Rancho Norte”, right across from Canto.

Baguio's Best Ribs - Plate 'O Horse Meat


This horse meat is cooked with onions and green pepper and comes with a side of tomatoes and cucumber.

Although horse meat is uncommon and even a bit taboo in some places, it is actually healthy. Compared with beef, for example, it has more protein and less fat per gram.

So the next time you’re in Baguio, do pay a visit to the Ketchup community and try these items!

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