“Not your ordinary burger joint” – proudly advertised on Burger & Brewskies’ Facebook page. It’s definitely not your ordinary burger joint. B&B has more than made its presence felt in Metro Manila, serving up mouth-watering towers of some of the most creative burgers you’ll ever see.

The Gates of Burger Heaven - Most Epic Burgers in Metro Manila

The Gates of Burger Heaven

We decided to go right after Mark’s April 24th fight in Manila…so we (mostly Mark) went hungry. B&B has 2 shops – 1 at Estancia / Capitol Commons in Pasig and another at Burgos Circle in BGC. We checked out the former.

Discussing Cheese - Most Epic Burgers in Metro Manila

Discussing Cheese

Let’s jump right in, looking at the 3 burgers we ordered! (Pics courtesy of B&B’s Instagram page)


< Roasted Garlic Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Balsamic Glazed Shiitakes with Dried Figs >

Cloud Burger - Most Epic Burgers in Metro ManilaMaybe it’s called “Cloud” because of its lighter, even sweeter taste. The shiitake mushrooms were glazed to perfection, helping generate this sweetness.


< Blue Cheese Sauce, and Jicama Celery Slaw tossed in Bacon Vinaigrette >

Heisenberg Burger - Most Epic Burgers in Metro Manila

They love their cheese at B&B and I love them for that. If you’re big into blue cheese, this is the burger for you. Fantastic.


< Spiced Mustard Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Seared Mac & Cheese, and Honey Sriracha Bacon >

Call the Nurse Burger - Most Epic Burgers in Metro Manila

The One Burger To Rule Them All

They’re not kidding – you might want to have ER on standby. Seared Mac & Cheese…need I say more? This burger hits your senses  like a racing locomotive, from the cheese oozing out of every corner to the sriracha providing a smoky twang to the bacon.

There are plenty of drinks to be had at B&B, too. We’ll have to go back at night in the near future:

Brewskies - Most Epic Burgers in Metro Manila

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the burgers at B&B.

If you ever find yourself in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, don’t forget to try these 3 treats! Find out here what Mark and I snacked on there.

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